Leaked Photos Show iPod Nano With A Camera

A Japanese Apple focused blog called Apple.pro recently released a bunch of leaked photos of the shell of a new iPod Nano with a purportedly brand new back camera.  The old slim models of Nanos used to have back cameras, but back in 2010 when the newer smaller iPod Nanos were released, the camera had been removed, possibly due to space limitations.  Well it seems that Apple may be bringing the camera back.  Keep in mind though, the same source released a photo of the backing of an iPod Nano with a camera hole before, and that turned out to be completely false.  Regardless, the new leaked photos do look legit and the time would be right to add a camera on it.  More photos after the cut.

People are so crafty these days so it’s really hard to say for sure whether this is legit or not.  The Apple logo looks a little too white in the photos (plus it appears that there’s tape holding it on).  It’s possible though that the prototype doesn’t have the Apple logo on it yet, so the photographer just stuck one on.

[Source: Apple.pro]

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  • Hugo L. says:

    It’s a watch, it’s an mp3 player, it’s a radio, it’s a photo album, it’s now a camera… Man, I hope it’s not a fake!!

    February 2, 2012 at 4:43 pm

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