Diablo III: Gizmomash’s First Look

In just under two months from now, the carpel-tunneling click-fest that is Diablo III will finally be available to the masses.  But I can’t wait 45 more days, and thankfully I won’t have to.  When I first saw that Blizzard had finally given us our beta access to their games (Mists of Pandaria included) which we had endlessly pleaded for, I nearly dropped my iPad and ran straight home.  The game downloaded quickly and within a few brief moments I was in the world of… whatever the world is that it takes place in, ready to face the endless onslaught of the undead from Hell.  Thankfully, the NDA has been lifted completely now that the game is in the Public Closed Beta period, so I’m going to whet your appetites by sharing my first hour of Diablo III with you.

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Preview: Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita is Looking Good and Gory

A preview video of the recently announced Mortal Kombat game for the PS Vita was recently released over at the PlayStation Blog.  I’ve got to say, it’s looking fine.  The game is an enhanced port of the PS3 version packed with all of the DLC including Freddy Krueger.  Plus it comes with a ton of extras that are exclusive to the PS Vita including an all new Challenge Tower II mode with over 150 new challenges, most of which take advantage of the PS Vita’s touchscreen functions.  The game runs incredibly smooth at 60FPS and will also feature multiplayer modes but will only allow two players to fight together as opposed to the four that the PS3 version allows.

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Preview: Wakfu

Wakfu, the tactical MMO by Square-Enix, recently flipped on its open beta switch and I spent the last couple of days putting all of my free time into trying it out.  The story of Wakfu takes place 1,000 years after it’s predecessor, Dofus. Since it’s still in beta, we can’t give it a full review as there’s many things that could be subject to change until its release.  However, since this does feel like a well polished final product already, I’m going to give you a pre-review of the game instead – kind of like a review, but technically a preview.

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