Review: Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet as a Gaming Device

When Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet, running Windows 8 Pro, was released about 2 weeks ago, there was little fanfare surrounding its gaming capabilities.  Most of the news and advertisements showed the tablet running your typical touch screen games like Angry Birds.  However, since the tablet runs a full Windows operating system, as opposed to the watered down Windows RT surface tablets that came out a few months ago, we decided to pick one up and try running a few desktop games on it. Continue reading

Review: Digital Scrapbooking in the 21st Century

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be all glue, glitter and paper cuts in the digital age. In fact, a lot of the current tablets and smart phone have apps that let you do some amazing things with the photos you own. I personally tried one for the iPad and the BlackBerry PlayBook. Memorable and embarrassing moments were enhanced in just a few tabs.

The two scrapbook apps that I tried are both fantastic so there’s no excuse not to at least try one of them Continue reading

Review: The New iPad

When Apple announced its new iPad last week, there was a lot of hullabaloo going on in the mainstream media.  The tech giant was receiving praise from all corners of the world for it’s “resolutionary” yet predictable addition to the iOS device collection.  Now that it has been out for 24 hours, the reviews are live and the general consensus is that if you’re in the market for a new tablet, you shouldn’t look any further than the new iPad.  I wholeheartedly agree – if you are looking to become a new tablet owner then you can’t really do much better than a new iPad.  However, Apple’s iPad barely amounts to much of an upgrade if you’ve purchased a tablet in the past year.  Amidst the praise of the new iPad, there are a few people who had expected much more… myself included. Continue reading

Review: LEGO – Life of George

Lego is soaked with nostalgia.  Who doesn’t remember meticulously digging through the pile of  Lego pieces looking for that one segment you need to finish Step 10 of the Lego set you were building?  Fast track to 2011, and now you can do it all over again multiple times.  Melding camera scanning technology with old fashion Lego bricks, Life of George is one of Lego’s newest creations – a quick paced Lego building game that both young and old can enjoy.

But is this a fun trip down memory lane, or just a quick way for Lego to make some cash by jumping onto the iPhone game market?

Continue reading

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