An Incredibly Easy Way to get US Netflix in Canada

My endeavor to try and obtain access to the American Netflix all started a few weeks ago when I had learned about the British show called Downton Abbey which has been dubbed as both crass and dapper in one neat package starring Maggie Smith.  Unfortunately it had been aired at odd hours on PBS up here in Canada, most of which I had missed.  A lot of the good torrent websites I used to use had curled up and died in recent weeks so I figured I was out of luck.

However a quick google search told me that Downton Abbey was available on Netflix… US Netflix, that is.  So what is a Canadian (who hates buying and activating Vanilla MasterCards) to do?  Continue reading

Canadian Netflix is Much More Likeable These Days

When Netflix came to Canada back in September 2010, many were skeptical. For TV and movie lovers with a bandwidth cap (myself included) it was a tough sell.  There was a very limited selection of titles and streaming them would eat up your monthly bandwidth.  A two hour movie would take up about 3 gigs of bandwidth. With all the file sharing sites being shut down recently, Netflix is starting to look pretty good. Peer pressure and the bombardment of advertising, I finally caved in and signed up for the free trial. Continue reading

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