The Gamer Decision: iPod Touch or PS Vita?

Ever since the Vita came out in Canada, I’ve been asked on a near daily basis as to which portable system is better for on-the-go gaming: The iPod Touch or the PS Vita?  Why is there no love for the 3DS?  Any how, it all boils down to what kind of gamer you are.  So here we go with yet another Gizmomash Pros and Cons list.  Hopefully this will help make your decision a bit easier when deciding between the two devices.

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So It Begins: PS Vita To Have 3G Exclusive Titles – Vita Wifi Owners Out Of Luck

We all sort of knew it would happen, but now we can confirm it:  This PS Vita will have titles which are exclusive to its 3G version.  This is bad news for many early adopters of the portable system here in Canada since the only option we have is to buy the wifi-only model while Sony spends a few more months banging out a deal with our wireless service providers.

Announced over at the European PlayStation Blog, the PS Vita game t@g is going to be free and exclusive to those who own a 3G model of the handheld. t@g is a augmented reality (AR) game the player can go around town discovering graffiti tags and is able to leave his own. Continue reading

Preview: Mortal Kombat on the PS Vita is Looking Good and Gory

A preview video of the recently announced Mortal Kombat game for the PS Vita was recently released over at the PlayStation Blog.  I’ve got to say, it’s looking fine.  The game is an enhanced port of the PS3 version packed with all of the DLC including Freddy Krueger.  Plus it comes with a ton of extras that are exclusive to the PS Vita including an all new Challenge Tower II mode with over 150 new challenges, most of which take advantage of the PS Vita’s touchscreen functions.  The game runs incredibly smooth at 60FPS and will also feature multiplayer modes but will only allow two players to fight together as opposed to the four that the PS3 version allows.

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It’s 2012, Canada! Have you pre-ordered your PS Vita?

I’m counting that most of you probably haven’t pre-ordered a PS Vita yet.  What’s stopping myself is that there is no launch date for the 3G/Wifi model.  Bummer.  However, the fully functional and slightly cheaper wifi-only model will be available in stores on February 22nd.  The good news is that if you pre-order soon, you’ll be able to get your handheld a week earlier than the rest of us snobs.

Pricing and pre-order details are after the cut.


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